Independent Journals

Independent journals:

Literature and Humanities Faculty of Bahonar University publish the following journals:

1- Journal of the Humanities Faculty (Scientific and Research):

Faculty publication history goes back to 1369sh. During its first five volumes were published until 1373sh. New Volume of its publication, according to the Review Commission Basis of Scientific Journals, was started in 1376sh. Since then it has published 26 volumes. This journal was published until 1389sh. From this year, were separated into three journal.

2- Kerman's Journal of Researchers Culture:

This journal was prepared and published by a number of faculty members and most of its articles were also written by the faculty members. This journal is not currently published.


3- Journal of Iranian Studies:

This journal received its publication license from the Ministry of Sciences and Technology and published the first issue in 2002.

4- Journal of Curriculum Planning:

In the Press.


5- Journal of Research and Teaching Islamic Education:

This journal started publication since March 2007.

6- Journal of Urban Areas Studies (scientific-Research):

This journal started publication since Sep 2014. 

7- Journal of Politeness and Language (scientific-Research):

This journal started publication since 2009. 

8- Journal of Journal of Comparative Literature (scientific-Research):

This journal started publication since 2009.

9- Journal of Sustainability Literature (scientific-Research):

This journal started publication since 2009.

10- Journal of Review of Applied Linguistics Research:

This journal started publication since 2011.